Every year around Christmas time, the parents are looking for the hottest selling toys to get these for their children so that they  have an amazing holiday season. And since the demand for toys is generally very high at these times, a huge number of toys are in the market.

It becomes quite a challenge to select the best selling toys for your children because you have to skin through hundreds of new toys. To make things easier for the parents, Walmart has created a list of 25 best toys for children, based on children feedback and the experts reviews.

So here are the 25 best toys for 2016 from which you can choose a toy for your child, based on his liking and desires. The list is quite varied and there is something in it for every kind of likes. So browse through the list and choose your favorite toy for your child quickly because around Christmas toys some of these hot selling toys are already out of supply. Your child’s happiness is prime so buy his or her favorite toy out of these hottest toys 2016 list.

Wallmart’s 25 Hottest Toys List 2016