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Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Fanman Review

It is so much fun to collect The Hot Wheels vehicles and the fun is doubled and tripled when you also collect different related play sets. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Fanman is one of the hottest selling sets right now because it is full of hours of entertainment for your little one and his friends and it is full of power packed entertainment.

It is the largest Hot Wheels garage available in the market and is rightly being called the king of sets. Kids can park their vehicles in any of the 36 parking places of the set. And apart from that, there is sufficient room for play as well, therefore, kids will be able to do a lot of different playing activities with this set.

The garage comes with different types of places so kids have a variety to choose from these and decide what kind of play they want to engage in at a time. There is a tune up workshop where kids can take their vehicle and get it tuned up for best performance.

A gas station is also there where kids can pull a car and pretend to fill up with gas and also get windshield of their car all cleaned up and shiny. A chomping shark is also there and kids can zip past that and a pier and a helipad are also there.

This variety means kids are free to use their imagination in play and engage in multiple types of activities. A multi-level garage is also there where kids can ramp ramp up their car and zip it down or up. All kids will love to show of their car sa the fastest while they prepare for a race on the ramp.

There will not be any guess work because a winner flag will declare which car won the race. All in all eight different areas are provided for the kids to play with their Hot Wheels cars in this Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Fanman. The garage has lights and sound as well.

The four level parking makes the garage quite tall in appearance. A ramp will be used by the kids to get to into the garage but two elevators are also provided for lifting the cars from one level to another one.

When a car is speeding through an area of Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Fanman, the sound and lights will turn on. This set comes with a garage, a helicopter and five different assorted Hot Wheels vehicles.

The helicopter is powerful enough to lift up one car at a time. The garage can either be used as standalone play set or it is possible to connect it with other tracks. And when the child is done with the play for the day, it is an excellent place to show off all the cars in his Hot Wheels collection.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Fanman is ideal for kids aged 5 and above. You will need a bit of assembly time because of different adhesives decals that need to be set up. You will also need to get some AA batteries because these are needed for lights and sounds in the garage and are not included in the box itself.

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