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Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car – Best Gift

Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying CarOne of the most favorite of kids gifts for many years has been Hot Wheels. And Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car is included in the top 15 Christmas gifts requests. This gift is also included the Toys R Us Fabulous 15 list for gifts that are popular in 2014.

Mostly boys, though it is not restricted to this gender only, have been enjoying Hot Wheels cars since 1968. Most of these have been manual toys but this new one is RC version which takes this gift to a higher new level.

RC cars are not a new phenomenon and everyone knows that. Kids have been racing these remote controlled cars on roads and sidewalks for so many years now. But this time Hot Wheels has gone one step further and brought this flying car. This is exactly like living future as in Back to the Future but insteas of DeLorean we have a Hot Wheels Street Hawk for our kids.

Kids have been playing with Terrain Twister and Terrainiac but with this Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car, they are going to start racing in the skies above their heads. This is actually a dual terrain car, which means it can work on ground as well but in case your child wants to take it to the skies, he won’t be disappointed.

It is propelled on ground by making use of a 2.4 GHz transmitter which means your child will h ave a lot of steering control power over it. Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car comes with a LiPo 3.7V battery which is rechargeable and it uses two 8mm motors.

The car, once in the sky, can go as high as 200 feet with the two propellers spinning at high speeds of up to 35K RPMs. It is possible to recharge it either using a transmitter or a USB cable.

You get StreetHawk and remote control all included in the packing. In fact the battery is also included and since these are rechargeable, you will not need to shell out more money when the charge runs out.

This is an exciting toy for boys aged 4 and up but do not forget to buy it for a little tomboy in your house because she will also like it a lot. Because there are not many kids who will not want to fly this car high in the air or drive it on streets or grounds.

Every Christmas season, there is a top vehicle that is very high on the Santa wish list for the kids. And the honor has gone to Hot Wheels this year with Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car.

Some of the users have warned that there are some small parts included in this toy so always ensure that you do not lose these small parts. Some extra spare parts like propellers are also included, therefore, you need to keep these safe for security reasons as well.

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