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Hot Wheels AI Racing Playset Review

Hot Wheels toys are some of the most loved ones by kids. The Hot Wheels cars are so much to play with but the fun is endless when these are combined with a playset. And with the newest Hot Wheels AI Racing Playset, your child will experience the all time favorite Hot Wheels cars in a way never like before.

The Hot Wheels cars are already smart cars. Which means that they run on the track all by themselves without any external assistance because of the artificial intelligence built into them. You may also set up a race and these intelligent cars know very well how to automatically drive against you in the battle to win.

This is called Hot Wheels AI Racing Playset with artificial intelligence because of its difference from any other playset. Two remote controlled cars and two gaming controllers are shipped with this playset.

This playset allows the players to play in a similar way like a video game. With this feature the cars run at incredible speeds of 180 MPH. The feel is so real that your child will imagine that he or she is right at the racetrack.

You can play with a lot of different racing models and the set can be changed for hours of replay options. The track has 20 pieces in all and with this the children can create more than 40 different play configurations for building the racetrack for a total of 16 feel of track.

This Hot Wheels AI Racing Playset has been created by using the latest technology that brings the fun of video game racing experience to real life. In fact, it even as the similar commentary which you might have heard at different racetracks. But you will need to be skillful to beat the opponent car with a remote.

The playset allows your opponent to toss a few obstacles in your way. There might also be problems like engine failure or tire blowing up. Other things you might have to deal with might be wreck-inducing oil spills and the pit stops.

The game can be set up with different racing modes and also with different skill levels you can choose. Practice mode is one of the modes you can pick. The users can get a feel of the track on which they will play the game and improve their speeds for actual racing.

With the championship mode, you will race against artificial intelligence or your own friends. With the free play mode, you can race with the cars off the track. The beginner, advanced and expert are the different skill levels with the Hot Wheels AI Racing Playset.

A carry case is also provided with the playset so that you can easily take your racetrack to different locations. The toy is suitable for children who are 8 years or older in age.

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