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Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure

The Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure is one such fun toy based on the 2014 movie and the Marvel Comics superhero team of 2008 that it will rock you and make you dance along with the treelike humanoid. Groot finally sacrifices in the Marvel Comics movie for saving lives of those on the team. However, your time will not be a sacrifice when this Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure amazes you with its dancing. Now let me introduce you to the details of this heroic dancing tree which is so friendly that you will start dancing with it.

Key elements include:

  • It has the appearance which is so true to the actual character in the movie
  • Plays a beautiful Jackson 5 song called “I Want You Back”
  • Can dance to even outside tunes and music
  • It has a 4 inches wide base which is potted coffee cup-style

What are the things that make the Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure such a good toy purchase for your kid?

The popularity of a movie that has earned more than $800 million of revenue can not be questioned at all. Guardians of the Galaxy was released by Walt Disney under the production banner of Marvel Studios and it hit the theaters worldwide in 2014.

The characters that appear in the movie have been mostly taken from the original team of 1969 which first appear in the Volume 2, of comic book Guardians of Galaxy in 2008.

One of the main characters in the movie is a humanoid creature which is part tree called Groot ( the voice over has been from actor Chris Pratt). This character tries to sell a powerful orb on Xandar the world capital of Nova Empire. And after that a battle starts with Gamora who is an evil character.

And at this point, the half tree, half humanoid Groot enters in the movie. Groot is actually a bounty hunter that travels in space. Groot then joins the Guardians of the Galaxy as a member of the team and in the end goes on to sacrifice his own life saving members of his team.

So the story behind this cheaply priced dancing toy tree is this. Because the movie was such a hit, the toy is also going to be liked by the fans of the movie and these fans are in millions. Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot has built-in audio sensors.

And as soon has there is music in the surroundings, Groot starts dancing. And its own song that has been pre-programmed is “I Want You Back” from Jackson 5. Groot will dance and sing along this song when you will press activation button.

There won’t be many people who will not want to celebrate this ultimate sacrifice and heroism with a dance. And Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure does exactly this while you enjoy the main character from one of the most popular Disney/Marvel partnership films.

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