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Gameband for Minecraft Review – A Fun Toy for Minecraft Lovers

Both kids and adults love Minecraft game alike. Most of the people play this game on more than one electronic devices. Minecraft game is so full of fun that the player gets really upset if he loses his world of Minecraft.

However, there is no need to worry about this situation because it is now possible to carry the game with you wherever you go by wearing a simple and handy bracelet. The Gameband for Minecraft can be plugged in a USB port and you are ready to play your game.

It is a device which saves your created worlds of Minecraft and with this you can move these between devices and you will not find yourself stuck to a single device for playing your favorite game. This is an easy to use band with its own personalized animations. The bracelet is quite strong in make and is available in sizes suitable for kids as well as adults.

It comes preloaded with some worlds and launcher. When you play your Minecraft game, it will be saved on the cloud too. Its LED screen is made in familiar red color  and its battery is also rechargeable.

The 140 LED light is able to show the player time, the date and created images. Players can choose any of the lights and images and it is also possible to create their own.

At the first start of the Gameband for Minecraft, the already available words will be visible to you. And you will be having access to diverse worlds. Apart from getting these worlds that come with this device, it is quite satisfying to know that your created worlds are safe in the cloud.

This gives you access to Pixel Furnace where players can download their favorite animations and also uploaded their own. When you start up Gameband Minecraft, it already has in it the maps of Hypixel, Seth bling and Dragons.

Kids will surely love to have their Minecraft with them all the time and they can play it wherever they get their free time. It is possible that kids might lose the gameband because they are so small in age or they might tear it. But it does not mean their games are lost forever. You just get another Gameband and your kid will still be able to play the games that he had saved on the lost Minecraft Gameband.

The bracelet is easy to wear and snaps on perfectly without interfering with your work while you are wearing it during the day. The cloud server feature is a paid add-on but quite cheap. You can use this cloud service for less than a dollar per month.

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