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Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear Review

Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear can be the best friend ever. This is an interactive and adorable learning buddy which is definitely as special as your child. It learns taking cues from what your child does or likes and learns and remembers things like name of your child, his activities, foods and favorite colors. Based on your preschooler’s age, likes and development progress, it encourages to engage your child to imagine, learn, move, play and talk by suggesting different activities. Kids definitely love the custom made fun and learning experience offered by Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear which changes as they grow and change themselves.

And as your kid gets smarter with every passing day, so does this cloud connected toy. Why it is not possible for all of the friends of your kid to be this fun, adaptable and smart? Smart Toy Bear is also an excellent friend of the parents. Install the Smart Toy app on your smartphone and start controlling the toy by sending it commands. Smart Toy Bear also keeps you informed about the progress your child makes and the activities he lies. No personally identifiable information is transferred to servers where the app is hosted.

Kids can enjoy creative drawing games, interactive stories or even a smart dance party with Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear. It comes with 9 smart cards which can be stored in the cute little backpack that comes with it. Even additional smart card packs are also available if you want to give your child additional fun, stories, games and activities.

The app can be downloaded from and then download updates and content via Wi-Fi. Your kid and the Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear will always be having lot of fun to do. Smart Toy can help the parents with cleanup, bedtime, break time and party time.

The best thing about Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear is that this is the next generation high-tech play because your child will not be spending a lot of time looking at tablet screens etc. It is an interactive and smart friend that is always ready with additional activities and content to keep your child engaged. It can share bed time stories, take along your child to imagination filled adventures and will also keep your child entertained during long travels and road trips. And imaging all this without a screen. Press its foot and he gets ready to play with your kid.

Highlights of the Product

  • Unique like your child that adapts to likes of your child based on development progress
  • Interactive toy which ensures each child has a custom designed play time
  • Recognizes speech – listens and remembers what your child says or talks
  • Based on Smart cards direct your child to activities like games, stories and adventures
  • When you toss it in the air, it “Knows”

So if you want to engage your child with a smart toy friend, Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear is your choice. Your child will thank you for now exposing him to lots of screens and for providing him the real play experience. Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear is also included in the Toys r Us Best Toys 2015 list.

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