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Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Blue Review

Dinosaurs are love of all little children of all ages and Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is an amazing toy for these young lovers of dinosaurs. And it is not without reason that it has been among the hottest toys of the year.

The T-Rex Ice version is colored bright blue and its height is almost two and a half feet tall. It is an interactive and fun toy which kids would love to play with. When the kids activate one of the three Power Pads, Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex moves forward taking four steps in the forward direction.

And to make these forward movements even more fun, ask your child to build small stumbling towers with blocks and see in delight when the T-rex knocks these over. When he moves around, the spikes and eyes of the dinosaur glow in bright red color.

When you touch another Power Pad, the T-rex roars and stomps. The roar is quite loud and if there are some spears in his mouth, it fires these, a scene loved by kids of all ages.

The Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex also has ice boulder cannons at his chest and also at his back. The boulders are quite lightweight and kids can put these into the launchers.

When kids push the levers of the T-Rex, it fires these ice boulders from his chest and back into the air. However, do not be worried despite that the dinosaur launches boulders and spears.

It is a gentle launch and these are just light weight play weapons which have been designed keeping in mind the little kids, so there is no chance of kids getting injured. Kids will receive four spears, three cavemen and four ice boulders along with the T-Rex.

The cavemen can easily climb on the back of the T-Rex and then rest sitting on the lookout posts. Kids can feel excited pretending that this T-Rex is a big and fearless creature and they being the cavemen have tamed it.

A trapdoor is there which can be used by the cavemen to escape from their enemies. When the good guys are successful in capturing their enemies, there is a jail where they can be put. The jail cell is right between the big, blue feet of the T-Rex.

Another feature that kids really love is the Pterodactyl feature. The kids can snap the glider onto the cavemen and then imagine that the caveman is helping the T-Rex in finishing the mission.

Since Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is big in size, many dinosaur lovers can play together without complaining because there is a lot to do and see. Parents need not worry about the ice boulders or spears getting lost because there is a built-in storage for storing weapons, which makes it easy to clean everything once the playtime has finished.

Please need that you will need to buy AA batteries for the sound and light to work because these are not shipped when you purchase Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex. Another version of the T-Rex in a color other than blue ice is also available, so you can compare and decide which your child will like the most.

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