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Fashion Headbands – A Cute and Creative Gift for Girls

Fashion Headbands

One of the top selling gifts for girls this season is Fashion Headbands which is a collection of 10 satin headbands for girls and also includes flower, feathers, butterflies, rhinestones, ribbons and a lot more to inspire the young girls to get creative and make their own custom headband.

The headbands are really soft and comfy and nicely stay without causing any uncomfortable pinching behind the ears which is so common in case of cheap headbands. It also comes with very easy to follow and detailed instructions with a large number of creative ideas.

Fashion Headbands come with a generous supply of different embellishments which can be glued to these headbands. It also has three elastic bands with a butterfly and two flowers which can be slipped onto any of these headbands for different styling options.

To provide with even more styling options for the girls, Fashion Headbands packing comes with 3 more elastics having felt plates to allow the kids to create their own interchangeable pieces for using with the headbands with easy slide on and off.

One of the most rewarding feeling for a child is to say “I made it myself”. Girls love to say this with a lot of pride and satisfaction when they wear their own creations to different parties and at school. The packing has already everything that is needing for creating beautiful looking headbands with the exception of scissors.

Fashion Headbands is perfect for slumber party activity or may be you can buy this for your kid before the holidays and she can make custom headbands which can be gifted to all her friends later on. This is also an ideal gift and activity for rainy days, scout groups, play dates, big families and craft clubs.

The activity is quite easy for younger girls. The girls between age 7-10 can easily do it on their own while the girls around 4 years of age can create custom headbands under adult supervision.

This can also be an ideal activity for kids who do not consider themselves as creative because this can be easily a creative activity without being termed as ‘art’ which will definitely enhance their confidence and creativity. Since most of the work can be done without adult supervision, it also instills self-confidence and independence.

Fashion Headbands allows activities which build color awareness, small motor skills and construction concepts. So get this gift for your dear one and let their be rainbow of headbands in the house during this holiday season.

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