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Disney Princess Carriage Review

All little girls have this dream of being princesses and then being carried to the castle in a carriage where they become the star of the ball. With Disney Princess Carriage, your little girl can now be a princess and attend the ball of imagination with a real feel.

This has been created after the magical carriage in the famous fairy tale. It has been made in a rounded shape exactly like the pumpkin that features in the story. The girls can have endless hours of fun with this carriage when they take it for a spin in the neighborhood.

It is very easy to get started with and kids can start having fun with this ride on toy. To start with, a wand is to be placed in front of the center of the Disney Princess Carriage, which lights up and makes different sounds when you put the wan in front of it.

The carriage has beautiful front and back lights. These have been designed in the shape of old age lantern, again like the ones in the fairy tale. It has a wide steering wheel and children can easily hold it with perfect grip.

There is a large button in the center and it plays beautiful music when the child presses it. The rear end of the Disney Princess Carriage has a beautiful heart shaped window. It provides a very nice view of the surroundings. In fact it also lets cool breeze blow through it.

There is also a trunk with space in the car so that your child can take along some of her other toys and dolls if she wants to. A tiara also comes along with this carriage which has been called wear and share because it is a detachable tiara which your child can wear herself or share.

The inset of the wheels is bright pink with a scrollwork design. The lower sides of the carriage have pictures from the very beloved Disney Princesses.

The doors of the Disney Princess Carriage have golden handles which can be pulled for opening the door so that your child can easily step inside the carriage like a princess. When the child is inside it, she can sit on the beautiful purple seat. No seat belts have been provided with this toy but there are restraints which can go around the child’s lap.

The carriage is wide enough to fit two children with a maximum combined weight capacity of 130 pounds. There are also lovely sheer curtains inside the carriage which can either blow with the wind or can be tied back with a ribbon.

When in operation, the car can make three different types of maneuvers. It can change speeds from low to high and also has the ability to go in reverse. When your child would want to start the carriage, she can do by just pressing on the go pedal. And she can stop pushing the pedal to stop it. The maximum speed that Disney Princess Carriage can reach is 5 MPH.

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