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Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa – Beautiful Doll Gift

Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa

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The lyrics of the song start with “Let it go,” but there is very little chance that kids will let go their dreams of becoming proud owners of Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll during this holiday season. It is well placed to be included in the list of most sought after toys for the Christmas year 2014.

Frozen was a roaring hit movie and countless children rated it as the best ever movie from Disney. Elsa is the main character in the movie and it is only logical that toys based on her character will become instant hits.

Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll comes with a magical necklace in the shape of snowflake which she wears. The hit song from Frozen movie “Let it Go” is played by this necklace.

And if the child raises arm of the doll, Elsa’s dress is all lighted up which means your kid will imagine the snow flurry of Elsa being poured on the whole setting and covering it with the snowy beauty.

The hit song is not the only song she plays. It has a collection of 15 other sounds too which will be enjoyed by your child.

A Spanish option is also available if your child speaks or can understand Spanish language. Alternatively, you can encourage your child to become bilingual by changing the language options every now and then.

One welcome button for parents is the “off” button which is ideal when they have heard the hit song a lot many times and are in search of a break from it. This toy works on batteries and you will need three AAA batteries to operate it.

There are some other Elsa dolls also available in the market but those are mostly grown up versions of Elsa character but Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll is a designed for little girls who love it even more due to its small size.

Many consumers who have already bought this doll say that the details on the dress of Elsa are incredible and the sound quality of the song is crystal clear which is unlike sound quality of many other dolls which is hard to understand because the sound is garbled.

If you decide to get this doll for your little child on Christmas, she is sure to know all the words that the dolls says before the finishing of day one. If you want to give Elsa some company you can also pick up Anna doll so that both the sister dolls can enjoy each other’s presence.

When you buy Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll, you get Olaf with it too. Olaf is a funny little snowman from the same movie who is always unable to keep his carrot colored nose on right.

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