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Disney Doc McStuffins Hopsital Care Cart Review

According to the Hottest toys list for 2016, one of the must-buy toys for making children happy is Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart. Kids adore the idea of helping their sick stuffed animal toys and making them get well again.

This is a toy which has educational value as well as it is the kid’s favorite because of the popular Doc McStuffins character. It is a fun cart, on the go toy which has been designed with a lot of attention to eye-catching colors.

The little wheels of the cart look like flowers and these can easily roll over smooth surfaces making it easy for the child to carry Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart from room to room so that she can visit all of her toy patients. The cart has a lot of different items which the kids can use to take care of the stuffed animals patients who are injured or sick.

Kids love the idea of imagining and emulating the Doc from the TV show that airs on Disney Junior. They can line up all their toys and imagine that these are the patients who are waiting to be seen by the Doc McStuffins. At the time of examination or treatment, the kids can put the toy in the cart – similar to how a doctor places a patient on the table – to diagnose what is wrong.

The cart has everything to help the child, regardless of whether the toy came for checkup or is really sick. There is a light to check the toys and there is also a scanner.

Kids will love to use this X-ray to diagnose what is wrong with their toy patients. There are accompanying cards with the X-ray with images of the characters from the Disney Junior show. The cart allows kids to see the heart patterns when they check the patient’s heard with EKG.

There is a heart rhythm tool at the front of the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart for easy access by the kids. The kids can check the blood pressure with the blood pressure pump. The kids can hear a familiar tune that runs on the TV show. Apart from that there are different buttons which bring out sounds similar to the sounds heard in a doctor’s office.

Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart has a drawer to keep all the medical toys cleanly. So when the kids need to rush off to see a patient, they just load up the necessary equipment in the drawer and they are ready to go. The hospital care cart comes with one toy so that kids can start having fun right away.

Findo is the name of the little dog that comes with the cart and who is in need of care to get well again. The cart not only encourages children to make use of their imagination but it also teaches them the core values of care and kindness. The toy is recommended for kids aged 3 years and older.

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