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Charmazing Color Me Up Heart Collection – Trendy Gift

Charmazing Color Me Up Heart CollectionEvery season some new crafty kids toy becomes a hit and everyone wants to showcase that. Last year it was rubber-band bracelets and for this year it is definitely going to be Charmazing Color Me Up Heart Collection.

This new toy is actually a girls bracelet which has a lot of charm about it. This is priced perfectly to qualify as a Christmas gift for 2014 season. With every kit, your daughter will be able to create three full bracelets, making use of many craft items that are included in the kit.

This is going to be a new and unique trend where girls will be able to craft a totally unique bracelet by matching and mixing different elements that are available in the pack. Every pack comes with six charms which are representative of key heart, peace, BFFs, forever love, infinity love and peace dove.

The kit also has six energy cards which come from Love Collection. These cards have details about all the charms and what meanings they stand for. The cards describe different charms and rank them based on terms of harmony, wellness, love and fun.

Therefore, your daughter would love to make a bracelet for a sick best friend based on a charm with high rating for wellness. The meanings that are hidden in these charm bracelets are of very importance for the girls.

The Charmazing Color Me Up Heart Collection also comes with different types of beads which are a great help in creating custom designs. The bracelets can be further expanded by stacking up more collectible charms. These are very beautiful beads that are a mix of silver, gold, purplish, pinkish and fake diamonds items.

This is definitely very girly and sparkly for the teens who are fashion focused and like these kinds of accessories. You will not find this toy anywhere else because it is exclusive to Toys R Us. Therefore, you can go ahead and order it early so that your daughter gets a charm of surprise this holiday season.

Charmazing Color Me Up Heart Collection is an interactive toy too because your when you buy this, your daughter will be able to download the free Android or iOS app which can be used to showcase their creative work and share it with their friends. This is a nice way for girls to get new design ideas.

All a girl needs to use the App is to scan the charm. This is a perfect toy for girls aged 8 and up. This is an amazing gift for all craft mind and fashion conscious girls out there. Ensure that the recipient of this gift also downloads the free Apple or Android App to make the best of this gift.

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