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5 Benefits of Building Blocks for Kids

building blocks for kidsBecause building blocks are both fun to play with and quite stimulating, they are and have always been much loved by youngsters including especially the infants and the preschool children. Even then, apart from being just playful equipment, building blocks for kids have various advantages to provide to the young ones.

Five major advantages of building blocks are listed below:

  • Better Motor Skills: Playing with building blocks involves putting the blocks over each other in such a position that they do not collapse and fall off. As the child plays more and more with building blocks, his/her hand-eye coordination keeps on improving. The child, through the constant practice of clutching the building blocks while playing with them, gets better at grabbing onto things in general as a result of strong hands and fingers thanks to these building blocks for kids.
  • Mental Stimulation: Playing with building blocks tends to instill rational thinking into your child. While building blocks and having a few of them toppled over every time your child tries to build something with them, your child will eventually come to realize that the blocks have to be positioned and assembled in a certain arrangement in order to avoid their collapse. Some older children are likely to discover that such a collapse of building blocks can be avoided simply by making a strong foundation and placing more of these blocks at the base than at the top. For a child’s developing intellectual functioning, such rational thinking is important.

  • Math and Vocabulary Skills: It has been declared by a number of researches that adding building blocks for kids in their playtime aids in polishing their language and mathematical abilities. As the child goes on learning the different color names, shapes and sizes of the building blocks, his/her language abilities keep on improving. Similarly, as the child goes on learning how to insert or deduct the number of building blocks that are needed to form a certain arrangement, his/her mathematical abilities keep on improving. This is why it is easy to understand why building blocks are such an important as well as a wonderful learning instrument for preschoolers.
  • Improves Creativity: The preschool child’s still developing mind is quite stimulated when he/she makes several attempts at forming various structures using the building blocks for kids. This, in turn, boosts creativity on the part of the child. This proves how the building blocks not only polish a child’s rational capabilities but also the creative abilities.
  • Encourages Positive Social Interaction: Building blocks are the perfect kind of toys that can easily be shared among children. Through sharing of toys, in this case the building blocks, children learn to interact with others and also the importance of sharing and friendship. This alone develops a great foundation for the child’s sense and understanding of teamwork.


It must be hard to understand how such simple toys like the building blocks for kids can have several advantages in various aspects of growth and development. It is, however, a great relief to many to know that such simple and old fashioned toys still hold a whole lot importance and are able to influence the children in so many ways.

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