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Bounce-Off – A Very Entertaining Game for Kids

Bounce-off has turned out to be one of this year’s most highly wanted games. Children as young as 8 years old and elders as old as 88 years old can enjoy this game just the same! The game even made its way up to the year’s finalist position for Toy Industry Association’s Game.

Bounce-Off is definitely not as easy as it looks in the first place. Players have to think hard, control their nerves, the race equalize the challenge card. Even though the moves in this game are made turn after turn, the real fun starts when the pace elevates.

Regardless of their age, everyone enjoys this game equally, which has made this game everyone’s favorite at family nights or get together where friends and family come together to create some happy memories.

Since this game bonds people together and brings families closer, it is one of the top preferences of any family’s elders. On the other hand, members of the younger generation love it because of the challenges they can complete easily and the attention they get from the elders.

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With the passage of time and extensive practice, your skills well get a lot better landing your bounce. The complete Bounce Off package includes 1 game grid, 4 ball holders, 16 balls, 9 challenge cards, and an instruction leaflet.

The card drawn by the player determines how difficult the challenge will be. Each player is given one of the available colors. The one who finishes the challenge successfully turns out to be the winner of the card. In order to win, a player has to win three cards.

Bounce Off is made by the Mattel Company, which is one of the most popular names in the game-making world. One of their other games, Ker Plunk Game, has been quite popular for more than 35 years! Tumblin’ Monkey Game by Mattel is one of the favorite games among little children. Moreoever, Pass The Popcorn is another game by the same company, in which players have to deduce the name of the movie from the clues given.

Mattel, unlike other game-making companies, does not restrict its games to a specific target audience or a specific age group. Everyone ought to enjoy their games just about equally regardless of their ages. Mattel’s games are perfect for family outings or game nights, and when coupled with some snacks, drinks, and laughter, they bond people together.

Choosing games from Hasbro will not only give you a holiday full of fun, but also a life full of happy memories.

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