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BOSEbuild Speaker Cube Review – Best Learning Toy for Scientific Minds


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There are essentially to main kinds of toys. One is pure fun and entertainment toys and the other type is learning toys. While it is all good to have fun toys too because children do learn even while playing with fun toys, learning toys are created with specific objective to inculcate some learning concept in young minds. And this is exactly what is behind BOSEbuild Speaker Cube toy.

It is bluetooth speaker with Bose quality sound with the difference that it is a build it yourself which means that your child will get a chance to discover science working behind production of sound in speakers. He or she will explore different scientific concepts behind speakers and sound by building BOSEbuild Speaker Cube with hands-on activities, guided by an app.

The child will start with a simple coil and magnet and end up with a bluetooth speaker which is durable and has great sound quality.


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BOSEbuild is a new fun product line from BOSE, the creators of high quality sound equipment. The first product has been created specially for kids. The basic idea is to inspire kids to learn scientific concepts behind modern electronics with focus on discovery, exploration and building experience.

The child will be guided by an iOS app that has detailed animated instructions and leads children through different hand-on activities and steps towards creation of their first own bluetooth speaker.

BOSE is confident that the final speaker that children will create will be durable and great, therefore, they are offering a two years warranty on the product. The children will have liberty to personalize the final product with custom covers and colored lights of their own choice. The LED lights can be programmed to light up in many colors.


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The children will learn the key concepts behind magnets, motion, electromagnetic fields along the way. This is a suitable toy for kids 8 years and above. Kids are loving it because guided by the app, they can easily build their own bluetooth powered BOSE quality bluetooth speaker.

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