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Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro Review

Big Hero 6 Deluxe Flying BaymaxThis toy set comes with two ever-popular action figures from Disney’s amazing piece of work Big Hero 6. The huge human friendly figure Baymax and his maker-come friend Hiro can be brought to your home straight away now on the purchase of Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro.

Bringing a character like Baymax into the world of toys is incredibly tough, but this brand has done wonders while keeping all the weapons and powers of this action figure intact as seen at the big screen. This action figure is 11 inches tall with wings which occupy 18 inches of a horizontal line. Hence, it is bigger than other action figures available in the market previously.

Big Hero 6 left every kid yearning for the big guy so that they can save the city of San Fransakyo all by themselves with this strong company. And now the 11 inches tall Baymax with a wingspan of 18 inches can be made to stay with your kid as long as he wants.

Fortunately, the maker of Baymax has also been made to appear in this toy set by including a miniature Hiro in it too! They both put on a real show to save the state once Hiro is made to fly on the back of Baymax with open wings.

As soon as both of the action heroes are ready to save the city, music exactly same as that of the movie starts up to build up excitement as well as enjoyment. Before flying, Baymax even starts talking in the same robotic accent as that heard in the movie once his maker Hiro sits on his back between the wings.

Here are the features of Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro as follows in the form of a list
Suitable for kids as young as the age of four years and above
4.5 tall inch Hiro Hamada
11 inches tall Baymax
3AAA batteries required, which come included in the toy box on purchase
Flying and battle music
Pop out wings with a wingspan of 18 inches

Is the Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro worth your money?

The Baymax steals the glamour of the toy set because it’s accurately made to be exactly same as the one your kid saw in Big Hero. It comes with all its weapons and the action figure is not a statue. Whereas the character Hiro Hamada is compromised on its making as it movement as very limited.

In fact the miniature Hiro Hamada cannot do anything evidently exciting except for sitting on the back of the Baymax. The awesomeness of this amazing toy set is just dulled by the fact of Hiro Hamada being represented as an action figure with no impressive movement unlike as seen in the movie.

Baymax is the real deal when it comes to the imaginative play that this toy set offers your toddler. He is so precisely made with the same bright red color. He talks to Hiro Hamada as long as he’s on his back.

When Hiro Hamada is not riding on him, he makes impressive battling and action-some sounds which are the exact copy of what your kid would have heard while watching the movie Big hero 6. Adding to the spice of action while the pair battles against the enemies is the feature of Baymax enabling it to strike its popular flying fist.

The only downside to Big Hero 6 11″ Deluxe Flying Baymax with 4.5” Hiro is that little attention has been giving to the making of Hiro Hamada. However, if your kid is fan of Baymax and watches the big guy in the movie with awe then it’s going to be a great purchase as Baymax has never been personified as a toy better than the one in this toy set.

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