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Which Are the Best Toys for Toddlers?

Tiny tots have undiminishing vigor. Although they are only toddlers, yet they are big enough to look at different things and learn about new things. The best toys for toddlers are those which help your children in learning novel ideas while playing with them.

One of the best toys of toddlers is ball. Because balls are such simple toys they are often not taken very seriously, but not only do they provide excellent work out to kids but also strengthen their eye and hand synchronization and stability. Along with these, balls also encourage your kids to play as a team and introduce him to sports.

One of the best toys for toddlers is that which provides movements and allows them to move around. Always opt for toys that allow steadiness and are musical. In this way, not only will the toy allow your kids to move around and enhance motor abilities but this way he will also learn to synchronize his moves with music.

Since toys which provide movements are the best toys for toddlers, ride-ons are ideal. They not only enhance balancing skills in tots but also enhance synchronization. Ride-ons are different from bicycles because bicycles have pedals and ride-ons don’t. Yet, these Ride-ons help strengthen muscles and help kids in jumping, running etc.

Piling blocks and cups are great for constructing tall forts and these stacking blocks also enhance the hand and eye synchronization of kids. And while choosing blocks for tots, it is preferable to opt for plastic or foamic blocks so that tots don’t get injured when the blocks fall down. And for toddlers not so young, wooden blocks can be chosen.

Puzzles are great for enhancing the coordination of hand and eye. Puzzles also introduce young kids to multiple notions like alphabets, numerical figures, forms and hues. All this is dependent on the type of puzzle chosen.

Shape sorters not only educate children about different hues and shapes but what makes them one of the best toys for toddlers is the fact that they teach kids multiple concepts like “in and out” and “cause and effect.” For toddlers who are a little older, these shapes can become advanced like pentagon and hexagon etc. instead of just basic ones.

One great way of enhancing the emotional capabilities of young kids is to encourage them to play with stuffed toys. Stuffed toys can educate kids about the value of friendship and importance of good manners. Similarly, you can judge your nurturing methods by looking at the way your kids interact with their stuffed toys. Your kids will treat their stuffed toys in the same manner you treat your kids.

Props and costumes for role playing are ideal for toddlers as they unleash the toddlers’ imaginative powers. And it is not necessary to buy expensive costumes; instead, these costumes can be made at home by using old bed sheets. Making these costumes at home is great for engaging kids in arts and crafts. You can also use your own clothes and stuff from your house and use your creativity to create costumes.

The best toys for toddlers are those which enhance their imagination and thus, art materials are great. They also refine the kids’ motor abilities as coloring and drawing require movements. However, it is preferable to use large, thick and harmless crayons and pencils. It is also better to opt for those which can be erased in case the kid makes a mistake while coloring.

Books are also great for tiny tots. It is not necessary for them to read them word by word. Instead, they can only look at the objects and pictures in the books and yet it will be reading for them. It will also be a good exercise if parents read out with their kids and thus, introduce them to different alphabets and numbers.

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