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Benefits of Toys With a Purpose

toys for a purposeSometimes there are toys that have been designed with a specific purpose, apart from being a source of fun. They might be designed with the purpose of helping with motor skills, to give certain educational benefit or to build creativity and imagination of the child.

Imaginative toys are those which help and aid in developing the imagination of the child. An example of these toys is building set or blocks. By using toys to building their own little universe, children learn to be creative and learn how to fit pieces together to make meaningful things.

Moreover, one benefit of building sets is that there are enormous possibilities of making something new every time a child plays with them. By exposing children to toys that engage their imagination, you are setting the creating part of their brain at work.

We all are aware of the frequent “are we there yet?” questions while traveling in a car with kids. It is simply because attention spans of kids are shorter than adults.

While kids enjoy going from one destination to another, but the actual journey gets boring and difficult for them oftentimes. This is exactly we need to get toys for kids to make their traveling time more fun and less boring.

Figurines are excellent toys for taking along on a car trip. Kids are infatuated by their favorite action heroes and princesses and would always love to take them along wherever they go away from their homes. Stuffed animals are also excellent companion toys – especially those that offer some kind of learning like color recognition or counting etc.

Activity boards can be branded as one of the best travel toys because there are so many activities packed in one toy set. Plus, they are packed in their own handy travel packs, for carrying from one place to another with ease. Art sets and magnetic drawing games are also cool for taking along.

For older children, you can bring along educational videos or movies and play these using the car’s DVD player or a portable DVD player. The trips can be completed faster if you keep their mind busy and occupied.

If you are traveling on public transport or using plane, then it is not a wise idea to bring along sound toys unless you can mute their sounds or you might allow your child to use earbuds. Puppet sets and play  phones are good choices for babies.

There are laptop and tablet toys for toddlers which are educational and fun at the same time. Kids can read stories, listen to music rhymes and learn various subjects. In fact these do everything that a real laptop does, only in a scaled down version according to child’s developmental level.

If you are traveling with teens, the boredom can set in within a matter of minutes. They will definitely want to do something else even when they have well stocked their music devices with them. Toys like card games, puzzles, reading devices and magnetic games can keep their boredom away.

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