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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batcave Review

batman-superman-dawn-of-justice-batcaveBatman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batcave is a playset which has been designed to make the die hard fans of both the superheroes happy. It has four different play levels for playing. It is four feet in height, therefore, it provides an excellent setting for the children to imagine and act all their most favorite scenes from the super-hit movie Batman V. Superman.

This playset also has a quite big 6 inch figure of Bruce Wyne perfectly dressed in the well known Batman costume, exactly what you see in the movie. It can be easily seen that the creator of the playset has given plenty of detailed attention while designing the action figure.

The character that comes with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batcave looks exactly like the one in the movie. At the first level of the Batcave, there is a training room which also has a punching dummy there so that Bruce Wyne can make all his moves perfect by practicing in his free time when he is free from defending the city.

There is a garage across from the workout room where Bat Mobile is stored. Then there is an elevator which can be used by the kids to transfer their action figures everywhere in the house.

At the second level, a green jail cell is provided which is large enough to hold all the Batman’s enemies captive. And when you go across from this cell, there is a room where there are different costumes of the batman so that he is always ready to wear a costume and go for the next crime fight.


These costumes have been attached a wall of the room and it is not possible to move these but just having these there gives a realistic feel to the whole design of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batcave. At the third level of the Batcave, there is a command center with all the glittering screens from where the Batman can monitor the city situation day in and day out.

However, the most exciting feature in this room is a trap door. When an enemy tires to attack Batman, it falls through the trap door and lands in the green jail cell which is there at the second floor.

At the fourth level, there is the beloved Bat signal light. Kids can swivel this symbol to shine the light in the night sky. Batman can launch missiles which can be fired from the nearby canon if he sense an impending enemy attack.

One of the most amazing features of this Batcave playset is that it comes with a working zipline. Children will absolutely love zooming Batman along this zipline when he is in a rush to save the fellow citizens of his beloved city. Kids are likely to make this area their most used because it has been created quite cool. Kids ( and of course even adults) would enjoy playing with the zipline quite a lot.

Apart from the beautifully created Batman action figure, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Batcave playset also ships with 20 other accessories. This means that there is a lot of repeat play value with this playset. It will ensure that kids spend hours of action play imaging and acting out various story lines from their superhero.

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