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Barbie STEM Kit with Barbie Scientist Doll Review


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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) skills are extremely important in today’s world. Kids need to start learning these skills early to give themselves a good chance of competition in this ear.

Barbie STEM Kit is an excellent toy for girls helps them learn STEM skills while playing. The Annual Animal Shelter Gala is about to start and your job is to help Barbie and Nikki get ready for the party, all while learning these STEM skills.

Barbie STEM Kit comes with a colorful storybook to help you through this explorative journey. You can construct 7 different models. Some of the models are washing machine, spinning closet rack and a greenhouse. All of these are compatible with Barbie Dreamhouse. (which of course is sold separately).

After making the models, your child will do experiments to understand what caused the designs to work. Your child also gets to learn important biology and chemistry concepts while designing three dresses for Barbie and Nikki. The dresses are chromatography dress, origami dress and leaf-print dress.


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As your child reads the story and follows the concepts, she learns how science is helpful in solving problems.

Adapter pieces are included with Barbie STEM Kit which can be used to motorize the model spinning closet rack that your child will build.

Some of the scientific concepts that your child will learn include capillary action, optical illusions and photosynthesis. The child learns the engineering concepts by changing the gear configurations and learning how with the change of configurations the speed increases or decreases.

The included storybook comes with step by step and detailed instructions about building each model and different experiments. And the child does not just follow along. The What’s Happening section explains the underlying science concepts in simple to understand language.

These real life examples of how science works help children think in a creative and analytical way.


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Barbie STEM Kit comes with more than 100 building pieces. You can also choose to include either Nikki or Barbie doll. This is an excellent toy to hone the imaginative skills of yoru child.

This toy is suitable for kids aged 4-8. You get the following when you buy this:

  • 7 models to make
  • 10 experiments
  •  A long 32 pages illustrated storybook
  • More than 100 pieces for making models
  • A choice of either Barbie or Nikki mini scientist doll

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