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Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset Review

Walmart has released its list of 25 hottest toys for 2016 and one of the hottest new toy in the market is Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset. It is filled with many hours of fun filled play with fashion dolls and their own castle to reside in.

The castle is quite expansive with a total of three floors which means your child can virtually create any play scene based on the imagination. The backdrop of the floors of the castle have all the beautiful and bright rainbow colors.

The colors are from the turrets to the bottom of the castle floor and it is one of the main reasons that is one of the hottest toys for 2016. A lot of attention of detail has been given by the makers of Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset and there are also many accessories which can be used by your child to create an ambiance perfectly suited for a princess and her dolls.

Some very beautiful features of this castle can be found in the butterfly cutouts which are there on the brightly yellow colored doors of the castle. The top turret of the castle has a rainbow and clouds.

In order to further add magic to this already beautiful rainbow, a fairly doll can be fixed to it. There is a holder which will allow the doll to spin. In fact, there are two rainbows, the other one being between the end column of the castle and the turret.


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It is possible for the dolls to walk into the main castle by either using the butterfly door or from the open access which is there on the bottom floor. This access leads directly to the dining room in the castle. A beautiful chandelier is hanging above the dining table which further makes the castle more glamorous.

The dining table of Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset has accessories which include cupcakes for the two fashion dolls, teacups and small saucers. The stairs can be used by the fashion dolls to access the second floor of the castle.

The stairs are colored bright just like the overall rainbow theme of the castle. The second floor has a bedroom with its own closet and also vanity for use by the dolls. The accessories for the vanity include a hairbrush and a perfume bottle.

And perfectly in line with the royalty, the bedroom has a lovely canopy bed and a comfortable fluffy pillow. On the top of the castle, there is a seashell shaped pool, which can be used by the fashion dolls for water splashing and having fun.

The roof deck provides an opportunity for the princess to survey the kingdom it rules. All the three floors of Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset castle are full of details which can bring the castle to life to make your child’s time really enjoyable. The dolls are not included when you purchase the castle. These have to be bought separately.


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