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Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer HO Scale Train Set Review

Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer HO Scale Train SetBachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer HO Scale Train Set is an HO scale train set that has been created by the world renowned makers of train sets Bachmann. It is an electric powered set that comes with 12 curved track pieces that can be joined to make a 36 inch long curved track. The set comes with an EMD diesel powered locomotive model that also accompanies two freight cars, a fully working and functional headlight along with an off center caboose that brings up the rear. This set is an HO scale, 1:24 and has not been designed as a toy for younger kids. Rather it is a very delicately designed train model set which is ideal for collectors of model train sets and for older children.

Key Elements of Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer HO Scale Train Set

  • EMD FT diesel locomotive engine with headlight
  • 2 freight cars
  • off center caboose
  • 36 inch curved track
  • HO Scale
  • For ages 14 and above
  • Model No. 647

Is the Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer HO Scale Train Set Smart Purchase?

May sellers and reviewers have said that the ideal age for the Santa Fe Flyer Train set is 8 years and above but Bachmann itself says that it has been designed for age 14 and above. The reason being the delicate nature of the Santa Fe Flyer set design and also because it is actually an HO scale model. Bachmann says that you can set up the set in under ten minutes, but in reality, you might need to set aside almost an hour to set up the trains and tracks for smooth and consistent running of trains.

Trains and tracks have been built good for most part but there might a little bit of adjusting required. For example you might need to oil some wheels for smooth rolling and also the track might not click together as good as you might have thought looking at the descriptions. This goes on to explain that the toy is for use at least under extensive adult supervision. Younger children too can enjoy the trains once the track etc has been setup for use. But it will be too much if they are asked to set up the train and tracks themselves.

Bcahmann train sets hardly bring any surprises and the Santa Fe Flyer also keeps in line with that reputation. Buyers should be clear that although Santa Fe Flyer makes an excellent Christmas tree train but they will need to assemble and set it for the kids themselves. Moreover, do not follow the advice that the set is for ages 8 and higher. Many starter train sets are forgiving and user friendly but HO scale model sets are otherwise. Bachmann Santa Fe Flyer Train set is an excellent gift set, but only if you buy it for the right person in mind.

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