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Baby Ride-on Caterpillar Review

Baby Rideon CaterpillarThis toy stands out from other ride on toys in so many aspects that comparing this Baby Ride-on Caterpillar with a basic ride-on pony or a miniature standard ride-on car. It’s simply, safe and amazing at the same time.

This easy to set up toy makes kids eager to ride on it for hours and have endless amount of fun. It promotes imaginative as well as interactive play amongst the little ones. Moreover, like other ride on toys it’s beyond the gender limitations. After all, a caterpillar is not tagged to be rid on by a single gender.

The cartoonish faced baby caterpillar is so adorable and no one can resist staying away from it. Made with vibrant and attractive colours like light blue, pink and some of yellow, it escalates the list of your toddler’s favourite toys list.

Unlike other ride on toys easily available in the market, this is partially a plush derivative of a ride on toy. This feature makes it incredibly soft and comfortable to sit on. You don’t need to worry about any sort of rough consequences like rashes when your kid sits on it for hours giggling and listening to music as well.

Yes, this baby face caterpillar comes with a great feature of it ability to sing some fun songs. The music can be initiated when the handy yet durable pull along cord. The songs start playing once the kid pulls back the long, funky and fluffy caterpillar antennas too. Your toddler can learn some part of this song and boast off his or her singing at a gathering next time.

Many ride-on toys would whip up the road of nostalgia for you, but this one with its splendid design is going to outplay other such toys. Firstly, it’s more advanced than other ride-on toys. It’s more attractive because of its design. And because it’s the safest with hardly any stability issue, it really is an awesome purchase.

Here are the features of the Baby Ride-on Caterpillar in the form of a list as follows,

Suitable for kids as young as the age of two years and above.
Splendid color combination
Phthalate free material
Children friendly soft material
Fun songs
3 AA batteries required

Is the Baby Ride-on Caterpillar worth your money?

If there was a competition of which toy has got the most attractive looks, then this funky caterpillar would have made its way to the top without any hindrance. The colors are bright and the pattern is attractive. One can teach colors on this caterpillar to their toddler as well, or atleast by the end of a few weeks he’ll differentiate between three colors easily.

Color is not the only aspect which makes its appearance made to introduce some learning into the play time, but also some drawing made on the sides of the curved caterpillar body. It has got a beautiful butterfly, bear, star and an elephant as well.

The phthalate free material which is used to make this ultimate favourite of the kids is not only free of harmful toxins but also easy to clean. The bright colors won’t make it look like speckled with dust any soon but you can also wipe off the dust with a slight soaked cloth because it’s waterproof.

As the baby caterpillar is so handy when it comes to cleaning, parents don’t have to worry about it being robust enough for outdoor use. Coming to the usage, it can be used as something other than a ride on toy as well. Kids often tend to pull around everything they like, and if you see your kid doing that to the caterpillar then it’s no issue. The caterpillar will succumb to the tiresome journey around the house.

The biggest concern of a parent when it comes to choosing a ride-on toy is the convenience of the seat. The soft and stable seat area is big enough for toddler and is cozy as well.

With maximum durability, the ride on caterpillar is going to be in your child’s company for a pretty long time. It has a handle on the back of its head almost, extremely well made for the small hands to hold on to it. It’s made for kids who can sit properly but still can’t push themselves forward with feet.

It comes with two interactive songs that can be played off immediately once the young ride pulls back its antennas. This mechanism might look a little less durable to you, but the musical feature won’t leave you so easily so don’t worry.

The Baby Ride-on Caterpillar also puts on a light show once the buttons in the antennas are pushed. The lights are fixed in the eyes of the caterpillar, and this adds up excitement in the playtime this toy offers your kid.

If your kid falls in the appropriate age range, and you are looking for something unique for him or her this time, this is just the toy that needs to taken home and set up to see your kid having fun endlessly.

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