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Developmental Benefits Of A Baby Play Mat

Baby Play MatBaby play mat is gaining popularity these days. Parents of newborn babies and even toddlers opt for them. These mats are not just attractive looking but also have innumerable growing benefits for babies and infants. There are a few advantages stated below.

Advantages for 0 to 4 Months old

A baby’s body starts growing from the top and goes to the bottom. Initially a baby can only his neck, hands and later he can move his feet helping him in crawling and walking. Newly born babies are unable to concentrate on precise items or completely move their necks; however, they can notice hues, designs and shades.

A baby play mat rouses baby’s eyesight and also baby’s hearing skills because of its noises and melody. As babies age, they are more attentive towards hues and lights and the sounds make them wobble their heads, move their body parts which stimulates their muscles improving harmonization. Once the babies are two months old, they can lie on the baby play mat on their tummies.

Moving Babies: 5 to 9 Months

When the babies are five months old, they can be made sit up with a pillow or a blanket so that it strengthen their core muscles. A baby play mat soft and lets your baby sit on it, and even tumble on it. It can also grab your baby’s interest and they will not even notice that they are sitting. Some mats have hanging toys, these hanging objects can be seen when the baby is laying on the mat and the baby will learn to move his/her body in order to hold those objects.

Older Babies 10 Months to 1 Year

A baby play mat can also be enjoyed by babies who are nearing one year of age. These hanging toys bring joy to the babies as they can be hidden and found. Mats that are stable and strong can even help babies to hold them and sit up or stand and you don’t have to worry about them falling. These mats also develop the baby’s deftness and eye-hand synchronization.

A baby play mat also allows the parents to play with their babies. These mats can be used by not just babies but also infants, making them happy for years.

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