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Anki Overdrive Starter Kit Review

First there are racing cars for kids and then their are supercars which dominate the race track. And this is exactly what Anki Overdrive is. The days of running your car across a race track to overtake your opponent are long gone.

This is not how things are with Anki Overdrive because it even empowers you to disable the racing car of your opponent. You can consider it a battle of laser tag for cars. And tracks on which these futuristic cars run are also different from normal tracks.

These racetracks are actually battlefields and only the most shrewd of the players will win on these tracks. It is possible to play the game in different modes and and cars can also be customized to prepare for personal one on one battles.

The speed of the car is determined by you and and the weapons it will use for its defense. The starting of a battle is really easy. Only you need to decide which of the eight battlefields you want to choose and accordingly construct it.

The Wedge, the Loopback and the Overpass are some of the top contenders. After you have finished setting up the racetrack, you go on and download Anki overdrive app and the stage is set for making the road your own.

All sets come with two supercars already, many different track pieces, curved as well as straight, the charging piece, two risers and a tire cleaner. Things can be added to sets.

In this Anki Overdrive starter kit set you get two cars named Skull and Groundshock and these are amazing because they can take their own decisions about the racing and also how to defend themselves when in race with other cars.

It is possible to play the game in so many variations so that no battle is ever the same again. It is very amazing to see the cars in action. Groundshock car can electrify the track with lightening which disables the opponent’s car.

This is achieved with electropulse. Because of this feature, it is a top pick for challenging opponents on any track design. Skull on the other hand is a car made for speed and can fire with its cannon to stop the opponents car in his tracks.

It is all set and ready to win. The plasma cannon fires energy at the other car and if this hits the other car, it explodes. It is possible to upgrade different features of the cars regarding weapons that are available and the speed.

The digital and electric weapons in use of the cars are very cunning because these have been designed to bring chaos to the opponents’ cars. When you buy Anki Overdrive set, you will need to download app from iOS or Android. And you will also need Wifi powered smartphone for the battles via app.

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