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7 Safe Ways to Get Your Child Involved in the Kitchen

children-in-kitchenCooking is a great creative experience. All health advice focuses on eating healthy and preferably home cooked meals to keep your body nourished. This will also keep you away from unhealthy and processed food. However, most parents think that getting children involved with cooking might be unsafe.

It does make sense to think on these lines. Kitchen is the place where most of the home based injuries and death happen other than bathroom.

But there are safe ways to introduce yoru children to cooking, also in a healthy manner. These seven tips will help you get your children involved in the kitchen with safety and responsibly.

Early Start

You improve in all skills over a period of time. Therefore, start your children’s cooking education early on. As they are exposed regularly, they will feel more familiar and comfortable in the ¬†kitchen. This will make them familiar with cooking related things at the start.

Delegate Safe Cooking Tasks

Some of the tasks that even young children can handle are measuring, mixing and pouring. This will mean that your children will not come in contact with possibly injury causing things like ovens, knives, stoves or blenders etc.

Get Cooking Games and Toys for Children

You can easily get educators approved cooking games and toys for children of different ages. These cooking toys are an excellent way to introduce your child to different tools and accessories used in the kitchen. By the time they will come in the kitchen, they will already be having idea about handling these in safe manner.

Set Personal Example

Kids learn by observing us and are watching us all the time. So the best way to get your children involved in the kitchen is to start cooking yourself. They will get interested in cooking when they see you doing it.

Do Not Criticize

Do not overstress about the mistakes children make when they help you in the kitchen. Do not ever criticize them even when their efforts are not producing results you expect. Encourage them and motivate them to complete tasks. And when they do so, congratulate them.

Take Kids Along for Groceries

Children love going for groceries. Let them help you in shopping for grocery. This is in fact the first of different steps of cooking. This will gradually get your child thinking about actual cooking duties. This might lead to a spark that might ignite a lifelong love for cooking at home. Your child will later thank you in life for getting him or her involved with cooking.

Let Kids Cook Favorite Foods

Kids will be more passionate about cooking if you let them pick their favorite food to cook. If your child loves eating pizza, why not cook a pizza at home rather than ordering delivery. Explain things to your child. For example, when you are spreading sauce on pizza dough, explain it to your child that this sauce is made after crushing tomatoes. And also drop in the names of other foods based on tomatoes that your kid might consider cooking in the future.

Here are some cooking toys that you might consider for your child.

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