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4 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension Skills

child-reading-with-motherGreat reading comprehension is not only a vital skill for success at school but it also is an important indicator of how well your child will do at life when grown up. However, just like all other important skills in life, reading comprehension also requires a lot of practice.

If your child is not spending time practicing their reading skills, then it will take a lot of effort to develop reading comprehension skills. But it is not just about how often yoru child reads books but it is also about how the whole process of reading is approached. With this background, here are 4 ways that can be very useful in improving the reading comprehension skills of your child.

Encourage Reading

Almost every child loves stories. Most of the children have their own small selection of favorite books but reading skills improve a lot when they read new material regularly. Due to this reason, children should get an environment in which reading is encouraged and facilitated.

One way might be to give your child gifts of books and also encourage relatives to gift your child new books. It might also be a good idea to encourage your kid to join a local library. Facilitating and encouraging reading are very important if you want to see your child’s reading skills improved.

Let the Child Explain

Gradually let your child progress from asking questions to explaining the story himself or herself. The aim is not to build their vocabulary to to test their grammar but to let them develop an understanding of what they read in the story. Occasionally ask your child to explain in his own words about the story so far and also let them tell you what is likely to happen in the story next. This is critical for improvement of comprehension.

Ask Questions From Kids

One great and easy way to encourage your kids to learn new vocabulary is to ask them questions. Your child might already be knowing many words but might have not seen these written before. Let the child struggle with the words and prompt them to say the word after you describe what it is about. Another way is to ask questions that are leading in nature with the answer word in the question itself. When you encourage reading this way, it will improve their understanding of the whole story.

Spare Reading Time

If your child is struggling to develop a habit of reading (many kids find it hard), you may set a time for reading books every day. It might be only a few pages or may be a chapter of a book, but it should be regular. When you set a pre-decided reading time, it helps in developing as a habit for your child.

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